EK Biosciences supports companies and research institutes in the field of life sciences by providing 

  • Technical due diligences for investors
  • Management of technical projects
  • Scientific and technical project support
  • Strategies to protect intellectual property
  • Elucidation of competitive approaches
  • Investigation of customer needs for novel technologies
  • Project proposal preparations


 EK Biosciences offers you comprehensive services by

  • Providing independent and sound value and risk assessment of technologies, projects and processes
  • Identifying new opportunities for business and markets; definition of unique selling propositions (USPs)  
  • Delivering unbiased technical, scientific and project management expertise e.g. for projects progressing slower than expected 
  • Identifying added value to the customer; exploiting product potential to new market needs and opportunities  
  • Elaborating potential innovation needs to long-term substantiate business success; identifying needs for / benefits of lean quality and innovation management structures and processes 
  • Balancing project proposals and grant applications by incorporating market, process, management, and manufacturing expertise 
  • Complementing scientific results  with market know-how to better demonstrate the commercial value of innovative scientific projects
  • Providing expert knowledge to streamline internal processes, to establish quality management structures, to identify innovation opportunities and to secure intellectual property