Long standing expertise in development and commercialization of novel technologies and methods for life science and diagnostic applications

The members of the core team are senior managers and scientists with over 20 years of experience in research, development, and management in pharmaceutical industry and in a biotech start-up company. They have a well established network to researchers and industrial partners in the life science and diagnostic areas as well as a long standing experience in scientific and financial management of research and development projects - substantiated in start-up as well as in large pharmaceutical and service providing companies:

  • Definition of novel technology concepts
  • Building consortia for joint international research projects
  • Demonstration of the feasibility of technologies
  • Evaluating technologies in respect to customer requirements and value added
  • Establishing a broad and effective patent protection
  • Development of commercial platforms and relevant applications
  • Setting-up production lines and quality management systems
  • Commercialization of novel platform technologies
  • Establishing international marketing and sales channels for systems, consumables and services

We are proud that our expertise is built on practical experience –  ready to provide efficient solutions to your challenges