EK Biosciences offers comprehensive service and support packages:

Technology evaluation 

  • Intellectual property
  • Proof of feasibility
  • Development project assessment
  • Benefits of technology
  • Value contribution

Identification of potential market segments and needs

  • Validation of perceived benefits
  • Identification of contributions to value chain
  • Definition of USPs 

Definition of product feasibility

  • Identification of most promising applications
  • Deduction of product requirements
  • Appraisal of manufacturability, estimation of production costs
  • Assessment of product price
  • Estimation of development effort and costs 

Guidance of development processes

  • Identification of major tasks and milestones
  • Deduction and establishment of development plan
  • Authoring of grant applications for third party funding
  • Monitoring and controlling of project progress 
  • Evaluation of suppliers and collaboration partners

Initiation and structuring of business / company

  • Building of attractive business models
  • Supporting activities to secure and manage intellectual property
  • Configuration of winning teams and effective structures
  • Negotiation of collaboration contracts
  • Assessment of technical and commercial risks
  • Supporting activities to author compelling business plans